Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research

Internship Programme


Internship at SACAR is different than other professional internship programmes. This has been specially designed with two-fold intention

Various disciplines in India these days are incorporating the best of the knowledge that the West provides and that surely brings the syllabi on par with the international standards. However, those cannot be blindly applied to the specific field in India for the simple reason that Indian cultural milieu demands an indigenous system to make it work. What then is the demand of our culture? For this students need to study Indian culture from a different perspective.

This perspective is provided by Sri Aurobindo in his writings on Indian culture, society, polity and the like. His vision of seeing things is new and at the same time it blends well with free-thinking minds of the day

We therefore invite the youth to explore this new dimension and add an inner perception to themselves and the world.

Tasks for the Interns


India on the March

This project aims to bring out 12 or more volumes of research on the development of human society in the light of the evolution of consciousness since the beginning of Indian Civilizations. This is not a project as has been taken up by various institutions the world over which re-reads history from different perspectives. In short, India on the March would be a history of India NOT focusing on Political issues, kings and wars etc. It would aim to study all those events in Art, Science, Culture, Environment and other fields where the stages of evolution are evident.


Sponsored Stipend

For this project the scholar will be given a stipend along with arrangement for his/her stay and food in the campus.


A supervisor would be allotted to each scholar who will closely monitor the research of the intern.


Facilities at SACAR


Selection of the Intern

Selection of the intern depends on the entrance exam especially designed to examine the research capability and command over English.

Continuous Assessment

The student would be working under the vigilant eye of the supervisor. The assessment of the supervisor and the work produced at the end of the month would decide if the intern can continue further. If the work done is not satisfactory, the stipend may be withdrawn.

Work done satisfactorily and progressively would be given a certificate at the end of the course.