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SACAR Scholarships Programmes


12 week Online Certificate Courses in Integral Studies

Fellow of SACAR (3 Years)

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1. Integral Philosophy
2. Integral Yoga Psychology
Scholar in Sri Aurobindo's Thought
(1 Year)


3. Integral Education
4. Integral Management
Researcher in Sri Aurobindo Studies
(6 Months)

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5. Integral Vision of the Vedas
6. Integral Vision of the Upanishads

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7. Integral Path of the Bhagvad Gita
8. Integral Vision of Human Unity
New Race : A Journal of Integral Studies (6 months)

Guidelines for the Applicants

9. Integral Vision of Poetic Criticism
10. Integral Vision of Indian Culture
Sri Aurobindo Darshan (SADA) E.Magazine (Vol.3 - Issue 1)

Classrooms for all other Courses and Programmes

11. Integral Personality Development
12. Integral Yoga : Theory & Practice

E-Journal : April 2015 (Vol.I - Issue 1)

download e-books: Aspiration in the Integral Yoga and Surrender in the Integral Yoga

The 12 weeks courses can be extended under special circumstances and that too by the Director, SACAR only, for another 3 weeks and beyond the 15 weeks the course will be closed and the student will not get any certificate in case he/she has not completed it.

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